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Sit Ubu sit.. Good dog. #dog #latteart #baristart #pets #coffeeartist #coffeeportrait #bark #doggy #puppy #cute #michaelbreach #nyc #brooklyn #fun #coolart #bushwick


it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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I get so excited when people send me asks, like you could literally just send me one that says pancakes and I’d be so flattered that you took the time to send me that

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“ Hi, I don’t see the secret menu up there? Can I get a copy? ”

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this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

Finally it came back 😍

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Photos by a young Stanley Kubrick, taken in the 1940’s while employed by Look Magazine. [x] [Set 1 of 2]

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